What are the benefits of learning sign language for hearing people?

Published on November 29, 2021 1,013 views

As a hearing individual, What are the benefits of learning sign language for hearing people?
What are the benefits of learning sign language for hearing people?


1- It’s growing in popularity

Sign language is the main communication tool in the Deaf community. The deaf community is being grown all around the world, including people with hearing impairment, hard of hearing, people who were born deaf, and people who lost their hearing due to disease, accidents, or getting age. They are always around us, everywhere in our society: Among our family members, friends, at schools, workplace, and in common areas in the society. Learning sign language allows you to communicate with these lovely and vulnerable people around you, widen your networks and be able to help when required as well as raise awareness and sensitivity to the Deaf culture.

2-Learning a second language is good for your brain health.

Scientists know that people who speak more than one language fluently have better memories and can delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Whether you teach your baby to sign or you start to learn Sign Language to communicate with a deaf friend or family member, you are using a full-bodied form of communication that will enhance your relationship as it improves your mind and spirit.

3- Improves your peripheral vision and reaction time

According to a study by the University of Sheffield, sign language users have better peripheral vision and reaction time.

When speaking in sign language, it’s not just about looking at the hand gestures but it’s also about the facial expressions, lip reading and also observing the body language. It’s so visual-focused language, you are more alert and your “visual field response” will benefit from this, something which is highly beneficial in many sports and even driving.

4- Communicate with babies

You can’t expect babies to talk to you, but it is easy to have some basic communication with the help of sign language.

Infants from the age of 6 months of age can begin to grasp the basic signs and research has shown that demonstrating basic signs to hearing babies can enhance their cognitive development, which may lead to a richer, more positive interaction and bond between parent and child.

And many scientists believe that learning multiple languages at a young age will allow your brain to make room for more languages too.

5- Better communication with deaf animals

Not many people realize that animals can also be deaf too. They’re not exactly going to tell you that either.

But many people have had the success of teaching their dogs some basic sign languages and also building a bond with them at the same time.

6- Helps you to become a better listener

Speaking in sign language requires you to fully focus and concentrate on the person speaking to you. Not only eye contact is very important but you can’t possibly sign words without physically looking at that word.

And it’s not just about the hand gestures, but it’s also to focus on their facial expressions and body movements that are as important in sign language as your hands are.

By constantly focusing on the person speaking to you in sign language, it will make you a better listener.

Because when speaking orally, it is easy to look elsewhere, use the phone while speaking, have your back towards them, etc.

7-You become more diverse and improve your business

If you know sign language, you will reach and connection will extend to the Deaf community and it prepares you for handling the language and communication barriers. Sign Language can help you and your workplace to become more diverse. In every sector of the business and industry, deaf people can involve. Knowing sign language boosts your communication among your colleagues and customers in your workplace and it eventually will bring more benefits to all stakeholders.

8- Improves your body language skills

Speaking in sign language is not just about using your hands. There are other factors, like making eye contact, facial expressions, gestures, and other aspects of body language that are important in communicating.

9- Deafness or losing verbal communication ability is not only an inborn disability

It can happen to all of us at any age due to an accident or an illness. There is a risk of losing our hearing or talking ability at any age. We can create a good backup for ourselves at young ages by learning Sign Language that will bring huge peace and confidence on our bad days.

And finally, By learning Sign language, you can be part of a positive change in your society to create a "Deaf Inclusive" society and promote deaf human rights.