About Deaf Animation World

The Ability to Hear is Not an Excuse to Avoid Learning Sign Language

Our vision at Deaf Animation World is to inspire all people and schools to embrace the opportunity to treat the learning of Sign Language and their national languages with equal importance. in a holistic view, we believe that "All People" should learn to sign - ALL MEANS ALL, the whole world!

Deaf Animation World Ltd, DAW, creates animations to teach Sign Language. To educate through entertainment, we use nursery rhymes, songs, and stories, aimed at profoundly deaf children as well as those with partial hearing loss, applying sign language in an engaging and fun way.

Deafness is being neglected right around the World, despite its prevalence. It is estimated there are about 70 million deaf or hard-of-hearing people around the world.

DAW’s vision is to remove social communication barriers so that deaf children, or even adults, with hearing loss can fully communicate with hearing people in all parts of society.


By creating animations in Sign Language, we promote deaf awareness as well as creating fun moments for deaf children. This helps families of deaf children to take on deafness together. We make it easier and more fun to learn sign language.

We help deaf people to enjoy more social engagement and overcome communication barriers, this definitely leads to healthier and more fulfilling lives for the whole of society.


Deaf and partially hearing children are at the heart of our work. However, the equal focus will be placed on teaching hearing children and adults how to sign, to ensure they have the necessary skills to communicate with deaf people.


Sign language is a Human Right and essential to ensure Deaf people are fully included in society. We cannot achieve complete social unification if deaf people are excluded.

The ability to hear is no excuse for not learning sign language.

Learning sign language is immensely beneficial on every social, academic, and business level. It promotes true equality. We, at Deaf Animation World, are committed to accelerating the process of learning sign language at early ages for all children.

Everyone should know sign language. We are pledged to advocate and promote human rights for more than 70 million deaf and vulnerable people and their families - right around the world.


  • To develop our marketing strategy and revenue sources beyond social media.
  • To create children’s animation videos in sign languages other than English, in 2D and 3D animations
  • To add grammar and advanced sign language instruction in our videos
  • T o develop engaging Games and Apps
  • To establish inclusive play centers that focus on Sign language for all children and families.
  • To provide live entertainment to perform shows for children, focused on sign language.